Plastic Gears have been used successfully without lubrication in many of todays open Gear applications. Many will work lubrication free in demanding applications where Steel Gears will rust or require continuous maintenance. Plastic Gear benefits include: cost effective, noise reduction, absorb shock and vibration absorption, relatively low coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance - elimination of plating, or protective coatings, and tolerances often less critical than metal due to greater resilience. Martin's dedicated sales staff has the experience and knowledge to help you identify and specify the proper Gear for your application.

Martin offers Nylon Spur Gears. Martin Spur Gears are available with stock bore, idler bore, or finished bore with keyway and setscrews. Standard material of construction is UHMW, Nylon and Acetal. Made-to-order options are available.

Martin offers Gear Racks supplied in nominal 48" lengths, however other lengths can be supplied as made-to-order.
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