Martin’s heavy-duty conveyor pulley product line meets the demanding requirements of industries such as: sand and gravel quarries, coal mines, unit packaging, food processing, and recycling. These pulleys are manufactured to offer maximum protection against premature failure in harsh applications. We offer exceptional delivery times on stock and made-to-order products.

Martin Elite Series
Martin Elite Series

Martin Elite Series
Drum Pulleys

Martin Elite Series Pulleys are engineered to offer an efficient and improved alternative to standard stock Drum Pulleys and simplify the selection as they can be used in a wide range of applications from Standard, Mine and Quarry Duty, thus reducing your replacement inventory. Instead of deciding what might be the best pulley for your application, now you have one choice that conveys them all.

Martin Conveyor Pulley Division introduces the new, Clean Flight® Wing (CFW) Pulley. The Clean Flight® Wing (CFW) Pulley merges the existing technology from Martin's well known product groups: the pulley and screw conveyor.

Drum pulleys are manufactured from thick wall pipe or tubing, with a crowned face or flat face. Martin has standard duty, quarry duty, mine duty and machined drum pulleys.

Engineering Class Pulleys are designed per the application and are typically applied in the most aggressive applications in the industry.

Martin Wing Pulleys are constructed from extremely heavy materials and are recognized in the industry as the most aggressive CEMA grade stock pulley on the shelf.

Martin provides pulleys for a wide variety of applications. Some special pulleys include dead shaft pulleys, roller bearing insert pulleys, elevator pulleys, and stainless steel pulleys.

Turbine Pulleys have an integral end disc that help prevent hub weld fatigue. This is important for certain applications.

Take-Up Frames will take up the stretch in the conveyor belt and keep proper tension at the drive pulley to reduce slippage.

Martin has the capability to provide conveyor pulley shafts and custom shaft detailing for special applications.

Martin stocks a large number of conveyor bushings and weld on hubs designed for use on conveyor pulleys.
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